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Escapism - one of the hottest design trends for 2022.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The appeal of escapism is not just in the getaway itself but in its inherent wonder. This trend is full of unexpected colours, tantalizing settings and whimsical character designs. It is a way for designers and viewers alike to experience an expansion of their imagination. While this is largely an illustration trend, it can be useful for background patterns on labels and websites. The key is to fill these worlds with dense intriguing imagery in which viewers will lose themselves as they explore.

Design by HeniZ Creative Studio


Keen to have some fun and get those creative juices flowing?

Creativity is like a muscle that needs to be trained - everyone can be creative, that means you too!

Join our monthly HeniZ Creative Design Challenge! All you have to do is let your mind go free, there is no wrong answer! Every month we'll share with you the brief. Share your own concepts with us with the hashtag #henizcreativestudiochallenge and don't forget to tag us @henizcreative - we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Step 1: Let’s Get Started

You can include:

  • black and white photographs

  • colour photographs

  • vector images

  • shapes and patterns

  • illustrations

  • textures / watercolours / flat colour

Decide on a colour pallet and stick to four main colours

The image should display both organic and geometric elements

Step 2: Have look at some of our examples:

Step 3: Post your design on Instagram / Facebook

Post your design on Instagram or Facebook and use #henizcreativestudiochallenge and @henizcreative.

Be unique and creative! Follow us for next month's challenge.


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