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The branding of Maria Dogter van Evert - An Eatery in Stellenberg, Cape Town

We're excited to share our latest project with you - the branding of Maria Eatery!

Objective: To weave the incredible story of Zwarte Maria Evert - Camps Bay's first free Black property owner - into the heart of Maria Eatery's brand identity. Our aim was to capture the essence of her remarkable journey, blending it with the successful vibe of its sister restaurant, Evert Opstal. Evert was Maria's father and the first freed slave in South Africa.

Our Approach: We embraced the challenge of combining rich historical narratives with a modern twist. The result? A brand that resonates with heritage yet sparkles with contemporary appeal.

Maria Eatery stands as a vibrant testament to the impact of history in crafting unique brand identities. A fusion of past and present!


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