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Social Media Strategy Workbook

Social Media has the lowest cost-per-lead and the highest conversion rates when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Use this free workbook to create your very own Social Media Strategy and start generating leads with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Getting Started is Easy

We are giving away a workbook that we use here at HeniZ Creative Studio to plan our social media strategies. Take advantage of this free download to setup your goals, plan your activities and manage your social media campaigns successfully.

Social Media Strategic Planning Benefits 

(1) Build a Positive Brand Image:

Social media provides an alternate medium by which your business can showcase positive aspects of your brands, employees, community involvement, and so on. If your customers are already discussing your products/services in social media, taking part in the conversation will help to ensure that you are being reflected positively.

(2) Increase Mind Share:

Social media can reach large audiences at very low monetary cost, giving your organisation another medium to promote your name.

(3) Customer Insights:

Users discuss their experiences with a company’s products and services via social media. Monitoring public social networking sites can provide valuable feedback on your products as well as feedback on competitive products for intelligence purposes.

(4) SEO Value:

Social Media will improve your rankings and your overall web visibility. Plus, most Search Engines actually grade the quality of your content based on it's engagement! 

Generate High Quality Sales Opportunities 

Let's face it, Social Sells! Your customer's buying behavior can be gathered by monitoring social media sites and then used to design sales delivery models and product enhancements. All you have to do is listen. 

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